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Rocket Science Experiment 2016

Picture 1

Rocket Seeds on the International Space Station!

At the start of the Summer term, we took delivery of two very special packets of seeds; one Packet was Red and the other Blue. The exciting part is that one of these packets has been on the International Space Station for several months orbiting the Earth but which one could it be?


Our challenge is to grow both packets of seeds, make observations, take measurements and see if there is any difference!

Pupil Survey Week 1

Just before planting the seeds, we asked all pupils in the school which packets of seeds they thought had been into orbit. Here are the results below:






What do you think?


Teacher Survey Week 1


In addition to asking the pupils, we also wanted to know which seeds all the teachers thought had been into space. The results for this are below:



Is this the same as the pupil's survey?

Week 1 Pictures


Amazingly, some seeds have already germinated 2 days after planting them. By Friday we had the following seeds that had germinated:


Red Trays - 2 seeds


Blue Trays - 5 seeds



Could the blue packet seeds be the ones that have been on the international space station? What do you think?

Week 2 Pictures


When school started on Monday morning, everyone was really surprised to see that he seeds had germinated! Here is a picture below:



At the moment, both the blue seeds and the red seeds look the same and there is no differences yet!



Week 3 Update

All the rocket seeds have continued to grow really well this week and  have more than doubled in height! Our STEM science club has been busy once again measuring the height of the tallest red packet rocket seed and the tallest blue packet rocket seed. The results for this are shown below:


Tallest Red Packet Rocket Seed = 80mm


Tallest Blue Packet Rocket Seed = 60mm





What is the difference?


Pupil Survey Update (Week 4)


Our STEM club have been busy sharing the findings of our experiment so far with the rest of the school. We decided to see whether most children still thought that the blue seed packet had been in space. This is what KS2 thought!



Which seed packet do most KS2 children now think has been into space?


Is this different to what most people thought in week 1?


What do you think now? Has your own opinion changed since week 1?



Week 8 Update

We are now near the end of our rocket seeds experiment and our STEM club only have one more observation to make!


We will find out which packet of seeds have been into space after half term.


Here are the latest photos of our experiment:





Calling all Scientists!


We would really like to hear what you think of our science experiment:


Which seeds do you think have been in space?

Can you see any differences between the experiments?

Is this experiment how you thought it would be?


We now have a school blog running which will allow you to write down your own thoughts:


This can be found using the link below: